For Corporate videos for marketing or sales promotion in Christchurch, talk to us about the best steps to take in terms of production, budgeting and time-frames etc.

Meanwhile, just check out some of our client projects by clicking on the links below.



Testimonial videos / Case studies

Why do we make testimonial videos? Because we want people to trust in us and what we have to offer. Searching for customer testimonials and reviews is a huge part of the buying decision and with more information than ever it’s not hard for people to find out what people are saying.


About us/Narrative/Product video

These videos can be used to introduce your company and any of its services or products.

Explainer videos

People only buy when they understand how a product of service benefits them, so increase sales by using an explainer video to frame your company as the “problem solver”

Make the complex easy - This takes a complex topic and breaks it down into easy to digest snippets or tells a story to which people can identify. You'll increase conversions when people see you as the solution to their problem

Event Video

Made for sharing! Everyone loves a hot sizzling event video that simply screams “Don’t you wish you were there!?” or “Hey everyone look at this shiny new thing we are launching!”. We love event videos because of the endless uses and they usually contain some seriously fun content.