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Meet the Team:

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NICK MCLEAN - Company Director

Nick has 18 years experience in filmmaking and his main passion is seeing a story come to life using the art of film.

Being involved in the film industry, Nick has worked in multiple areas such as camera, edit, direction and writing. This has given him the skills to see a project’s outcome before beginning. Nick enjoys working with producers and filmmakers who are like-minded in their commitment to value and quality; and who can see the value of engaging someone with quality skills and experience. Nick has a vast understanding of visual digital technology, which gives him more flexibility and freedom to create high-end cinematic projects, giving the audiences a much stronger connection to the story.

His vision for Motion & Light is to bring a unique and innovative approach to each project and doing whatever it takes to make the story of his clients to come to life.

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ANGELA MCLEAN - creative director

Angela was born & bred in Christchurch & loves being back home after living in Australia for 8 years. She loves movies, well except scary ones! She has had a passion for movies since she was a little girl, memorising all the lines from her favourite movies.  She has been in the film industry for 10 years working on different projects from corporate videos to feature films. Like Nick, she enjoys being behind the camera and directing. She also has a passion for working closely with our clients and making sure that their story is key. 

Touch base with Angela about your next project...she would love to hear from you!

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MORRISON & OLIVER - cuteness directors

Morrison (a black & white Maine Coon) & Oliver (a beige Burman) are the resident cats of Motion and Light. 

Oliver loves sitting outside in his cat enclosure watching the birds. And Morrison loves being in front of the camera, posing at any moment. You could say Morrison is the Diva of the two.