Motion & Light Project Brief

Having a complete and well-thought-out brief before the project starts is one of the most important ways to keep costs down and ensure a successful project. If the brief changes then this can have knock on effects and cost time in all areas of the production. Take the time at the start to provide us with all of the important details in the brief and you’ll enable the us to deliver great work.

Name *
Will you be the main contact for approval? *
What kind of video do you want? *
Are there any dates we need to be aware of?
Such as final deadline, filming dates, additional editing dates, script deadlines, etc.
What is your budget? *
What will the campaign accomplish? What is your main intention?
Demographic information such as age, gender, race, income level, interests, etc.
What tone or emotion should it evoke?
Such as attend an event, support a cause, visit a website, buy a product or service, tell their friends about it, etc.
Where might this content be used? *
This will determine what file format is provided. H.264 is the default if not specified.
Please specify if you would like more than one edit / length.
Will you provide any of the following?