For Corporate promotion or training films & videos in Christchurch, you can trust our 18 years experience in the film-making industry to produce exactly what you need - on time and of course on budget


Film Production Services

Motion & Light offers corporate film production for all types of businesses. Our film creations can include a combination of the following: video, motion graphics, 3D logos, animation, visual effects, professional voice-over & on screen talent.

We have all the latest software and technology at our fingertips to transform your company's message into a dynamic video that captures the attention of its audience. Complex ideas will be broken down into easy to understand segments so the viewer knows exactly how your services will help them. Our goal is to produce videos that engage, educate and entertain all at the same time.

Everybody and his uncle owns a cheap video camera these days. Tag on some cheap editing software, and you’re sure to find a lower price out there. Unfortunately, high-quality video is labor intensive and requires people with the talent and training to match the quality of your brand.

At Motion & Light, we believe that any job worth doing is worth doing well. Our rates are reasonable and competitive within the field. But since video production is customised to your needs, it is almost impossible to give blanket answers to questions like, “How much does a five-minute video cost? In the end, your cost will depend upon what goes into your production. The cost is wildly dependent on what exactly you want to see on the screen during those minutes. A helicopter fly-over of your facility is very impressive, but far more budget-intensive than standing on the lawn across the street taking the shot.

We know that producing a video can be a daunting task. It is our passion to guide you through the process from script to screen so you understand what is happening and why. This helps make your production process as fun and stress-free as possible. So whether your objective is to make someone laugh, smile, buy, click, look or feel, we know how to achieve this through the refined art of filmmaking. With a unique and innovative approach to each project, we take each step to understand your company’s identity and to produce engaging video content that is unique to your brand.

We look forward to having the opportunity of creating a production for you!


Thinking about doing a video but not sure how it all works? Why not try our ‘bite sized’ films that give you a bit of an introduction to video and what it can do for your business. These are great for simple client testimonials & social media marketing.

Short, simple & sweet...but effective!

Dive right in!

So you want to explore the big wide world that is film production. You may know exactly what you want to achieve & that's fantastic or you might be still asking yourself ‘what style of video will best suit my message?’

Good news! We can help! Click the button below to view a list of video samples that can help you achieve that connection you are after with your audience.

animation / 3D Visualisation

A huge percentage of products marketed on websites and television today are created with 3D visualisation. This is still growing primarily because of advancements in rendering technologies and quality achievements. If visual content in any capacity is required, 3D visualisation services may be the perfect solution.